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What is the return/refund process?
We create all items custom-made. There are no returns or exchanges unless there is an issue with the garment, such as a hole or rip.

The colors of the print do not match my artwork?
All monitors display RGB values, while DTG Prints are made on CMYK values, so there may be slight color differences. We advise making a sample order before placing a wholesale order to ensure accurate colors. Even if you've had a sample printed elsewhere, we still recommend placing a sample order with us, as print shops vary, and no two prints will match exactly. Some prints may appear slightly different in color due to variations in garment dyes, which is normal. Ex you placed an order of 100 Shirts 5-10 of the shirts could be 1 shade off on the print due to the dye process of the garments.

What is this black box on my shirt?
That's called pretreat. Sometimes it's visible, sometimes not. It's normal on DTG shirts and will wash off after the first wash.

What is your Turnaround Time?
Most orders ship within 5-10 business days. We aim for fast shipping, with some orders shipping within 4-5 business days. Please note that weekends and national holidays are not counted as business days. We communicate most delays on our Instagram page @dallasprinthouse.

Can I provide my own garment?
At this time DallasPrintHouse is not accepting customer provided Garments.

You did not print my art work at the dimensions I requested!We print print-ready artwork. We do not proof or check dimensions before printing. It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure your artwork is print-ready. Our online designer gives you the flexibility of adjusting the artwork to whatever dimensions you need. You can also use AI or Photoshop for more control before uploading your image.

My print quality came out bad!
With direct-to-garment printing, we print images as provided (artwork must be print-ready, preferably at 300 dpi). If you provide a low-quality image from the internet, the print may appear pixelated. It's the customer's responsibility to ensure files are print-ready and of high quality. We do not revise images, as many customers print low-quality images for placement purposes before sending them to their artists for bulk orders. We encourage ordering a sample piece before placing a wholesale order to ensure high-quality graphics.

By placing an order with DallasPrintHouse, you agree to the above statements.

TOS/FAQ Revised on 01/05/24